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Anton has many years’ experience in gardening and lawn maintenance in Sydney, the Blue Mountains and in London. He is passionate about gardens and has a strong focus on meeting customer needs, timescales and budgets. His specific skills include transplanting small plants and pruning as well as mowing, weeding and pest management. In his own suburban backyard Anton boasts a variety of plants using colour and size to create areas of interest and intrigue. In his vegetable garden Anton uses companion planting and ensures a good harvest through a drip irrigation system linked to his rainwater tank.

Anton’s Gardening Services operates in Sydney’s southern suburbs and specialises in the delivery of services and solutions for lawns, trees, hedges, shrubs, garden beds and green waste.

Customers know that choosing Anton’s Gardening Services will ensure work is done according to the highest standards in the industry. We take pride in our work, with services ranging from one-off and regular lawn mows to a complete garden overhaul.

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